Answers to Prayer

God hears prayer

God hears prayer and does answer prayer.
We would like to encourage people to submit small stories where God answered a particular prayer.

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3 thoughts on “Answers to Prayer”

  1. Greetings and God bless!

    Recently I posted an answered prayer about my granddaughter being born healthy. After I visited my daughter and the new grandbaby, I learned that a miracle had occurred.

    After two previous high risk pregnancies and health problems with the new borns resulting in one going to be with Jesus after birth and my daughter near septic, I was very concerned to learn my daughter was pregnant again. Early in my daughter’s pregnancy the Lord gave me a dream and I saw my daughter and a plump and healthy baby.

    While my daughter resided in another state, I messaged her several times to encourage her that this baby will survive and be healthy. During the months of her pregnancy she did not one time tell me how things were going, but in fact, her and her husband were receiving reports that the baby was NOT healthy.

    The baby’s head was not growing and it was significantly smaller than the rest of her body. Then they received a report that her stomach was very small and not growing. They were prepared to have a disabled child. But… God intervened and caused both the head and the stomach to grow to the normal size. By the time, Kailie was born 4 weeks early, her body was completely healed! At a wee 4.1 lbs., she has a clean bill of health and 100% healthy! God healed her body while she was still in the womb!

    We are very grateful for Kailie’s good health and I am grateful my daughter witnessed this miracle inside her own body as her faith has been challenged!

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